Work experience is another vital content of the resume and CV. You may know how to write your experience in resume or CV but most people do not utilize their resume and CV to optimum level. If you just include your experience in your resume or CV then you may gain something if your potential employer has soft corner for you in his/her heart.

If you are professional then you have to go through your career to find out what you have gained? Your potential employer wants the most suitable person for the available employment.

All you need to do is to prominent your potentials for your potential employer. Explain your potential employer what you have learned and achieved in your former employments, how you had utilized their resources and what outcome you had gave them? Tell your potential employer how you can save his/her/their money? How you can utilize his/her/their resources effectively? Your resume/CV gives you ten seconds’ opportunity to get into notice. Use your ten second effectively or your resume may pass on.

Work experience is an important content of resume without adding work experience resume may loss its worth. There are too many organizations and employers who only focus on your experience because there are lots of jobs that an inexperience person cannot handle so they need experienced and skilled person for these kinds of jobs. This is the main reason experts suggest you in preparation of resume that you should know the job you are applying and organization in which you are going work. All you have to do in work experience section mention your work duration, job, department, and organization. By writing these things you inform employer about your experience that do not add much plus points in your resume. It is highly suggested to you to explain your duties and tasks it will increase value of your resume.

If you want to create a surprise situation you need to explain your work experience in better way. The better way you write the better way you considered. The precise way of writing is that you write duration, job, department, title, and organization and explain the challenges you faced, problems you have resolved and most important your promotions, rewards and achievements, related to the job you are applying. Achievements, rewards from education should be written in their heads and rewards from social/sports activity should be written in separate head.

In education I already explain how you can use two types of formats now in experience you can also use two types of formats, one for short resume and second can be two used for more than one page resume or CV. Now I would like to elaborate these formats with examples.

Resume Work Experience Writing Example in Short Form

Expert Marketing Co. (2009 to current)

Working as assistant manager client relations

  • Business portfolio
  • Branding
  • Market segmentation for client

Talented advertising Co. (2006 to 2009)

Worked as junior assistant manager advertising

  • Advertisement plan for new beverage brand
  • Advertisement design and arrangements
  • New brand promotions

HR outsourcing agency (2003 to 2006)

Worked as Management Trainee

  • Public relationship
  • Staff coordination
  • Great contribution in marketing plan for client

The above format is short and most suitable for one page resume. Your work experience is concise in short form but explains important things. The next format is for long resume or CV.

Resume Work Experience Writing Example in Long Form

Expert Marketing Co. (2009 to current)

I am working as assistant manager client relationship. Making business portfolio, branding market segmentation, marketing channels are my routine works. I save owners’ $ 1000 dollars on per assignment. My main task is to delight my clients with reasonable solutions.

Talented Advertisement Co. (2006 to 2009)

I had worked as junior assistant manager advertisement. My main services were to coordinate with seniors and I had contribution in many projects like advertisement plans, advertisement design and publishing, brand promotions, and managing advertisement campaigns. My main achievements were in all projects were cost effective solutions for my clients and in my services I excelled my management skills.

SHR Outsourcing Agency (2003 to 2006)

This was my first job during my studies as management trainee. In my job I had successfully coordinate with staff, public relationship, and my contribution to main projects like marketing plans were great start for my career. I had sharpened communication skills, office skills, managerial, and marketing skills in this opportunity.

I have explained both of formats one is for short resume and second is for long resume and CVs. The first one was for short resume and the above one is for long resumes and CVs. Both method are reliable and depends on your main resume’s format.