Many organizations want highly competent personnel for their tough jobs so that they need extra information about the candidates. The other reason is that organizations want to understand you in a better way so that it can require references of those people who know you better. Most organizations do not require references from candidates. If you organization/employer ask for references then choose references very carefully.

Do not choose your family members or relatives; always choose individuals who know you professionally like your former colleagues, your former supervisor, your teachers, and your business friends.

As I mention before you should concise and limit your resume one to two pages only so in this context limit your references to at least three. Before choosing your references you should take their permission from them if they allow then you can write their information. When you got permission then you should write complete information about where your reference will be available and how (through phone/mobile, fax, letter, or the email).

If your reference has any vocational address then you can also write. You should also write time, days and dates if your reference is too much busy person. Writing complete information will save employer’s, reference’s and your time.

While writing the resume you should keep in mind that employer/hirer do not have will to spend lot of time on your resume because you are not the only option they might have. Employer or the hiring person may have to go through thousands of resume/CV every day so they will have a pool of candidates which means employer or the hiring persons have great opportunity to find a perfect and the most competent candidate for the available job to hire.

To avoid disappointment all you have to do is make your resume contents like opening section which includes heading, job/career objective/goal, education, work experience, interest, achievements, awards, service activities, personal data, and references up to the mark that in very first view employer or the hiring person get impress and want to call you for a good interview.

It means that you have only 10 seconds to gain employer or hiring person’s attraction with your resume and cover letter. It is highly suggested to you that make your resume readable, concise, and factually presents your accomplishments, awards, strengths, work experience, and education history. Does not repeat information in the cover letter and resume or CV. Remove irrelevant information if want impressive results from your resume and cover letter then you need to do one more thing just try to relate everything in accordance with the job you are applying for. More plus points add to your resume as you more relate things to your applying job. As you relate more your employer/hiring person will considered you more.

Signature Area

Signature area may contain writer’s name, designation, department, and company (if letter is without letterhead).

Reference Initials

It is used for typist’s initials and is placed at the same line of signature area one to two lines below at left margin.