Most of the people don’t know what they should know before start writing an effective resume. People may know how to write a resume but only some people know how to write an effective resume that inspire their potential employer in very first sight. It may look difficult but it is as easy as a piece of cake. Before start writing resume do some home work. There are few things that you need to know before start writing an effective resume. You need to know three things.

  • Know yourself
  • Know your job
  • Know organization in which you are going to apply

Know Yourself

It is very important that you know yourself, to do this you need do your personal assessment of your knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform a job. Applying for a job you do not have experience will pay you nothing. Analyze your knowledge, abilities, and skills for the better understanding of your capacity to work.


Knowledge here is known as familiarity of a specific field or area of your work. Before applying for a job you should assess your knowledge of field and also assess its level.


Ability is quality of a person to perform a task. Judge your abilities on the basis of your knowledge. Your knowledge and abilities will find a way for your decision to choose a right field of work for you to survive in.


Skills are known as abilities that become intelligent after experiences. When abilities put into work will become skills after a performer gain experience on a particular job or task.

If you have worked in same field or relative field then you have earned skills in that particular field. Review your experiences and found your skills that will helpful in your upcoming career.

Know Your Job

Knowing yourself is not enough but you also have to know your job. There are lots of job that you cannot perform but applying for these job will prove waste of time. Always apply for jobs that are equivalent to your knowledge, abilities, and skills. If you applied in different field of work or you applied two to three step high to your level will not pay you anything but wait for response.

Know The Organization

A candidate should also know the organization in which he/she is applying. Know organization’s business, market value and the internal environment to determine that you can work freely. If you are applying outside your country then you should also know the cultural background of that country or territory.

Choose the right format for Resume

After completing the above task you will need to choose appropriate format for your resume to do that you have to take a stance whether you are inexperience or a skilled candidate for a job you are looking for. If you are skilled and inexperience person then choose Functional/Skills-based Resume Format, if you are experience then choose reverse chronological.

  • Reverse chronological resume
  • Functional/Skill based resume
  • Combine resume
  • Profile resume/resume with profile
  • Targeted resume
  • Mini resume
  • Web base/Graphical resume/Non-traditional resume.

Reverse chronological resume

Reverse chronological resume is traditional resume that should be written in reverse work experience i-e. most recent job/work experience will list first to the first job at the end of the list. It is the most likely resume type because employers feel easy to find you recent work experience.

Functional or Skill based resume

Functional resume is also known as skilled based resume in which relevant skills to job are prominent. This type is preferable for those people who have gap in their career or they build their career in more than one field.

Combine resume

Combine resume is mixture of functional and chronological resume. In this type of resume you list skills and experience at first place, then your employment history take place. In short you highlight your relevant skills and chronological work history that are required by your potential employer.

Profile resume or resume with profile

This type of resume includes profile section contains applicant’s skills, experience and job objective/career goal in a summarize form.

Targeted resume

Targeted resume cleared by its name a resume that is targeted to a specific job. In this type of resume applicant relate everything to the job he/she is applying for.

Mini resume

Mini resume is brief summary which highlights work experience and qualifications. Mostly this type of resume is use for networking purposes or on the request of you potential employer who want an overview about you qualifications.

Web base resume, Graphical resume, or Non-traditional resume

A web base resume send by applicant or in graphical form resume is known as nontraditional resume.