I have gone through thousands of Resumes and CVs. I found personal data as unimportant content of Resume and CV. Now you will have a question in mind why people do not like to write their personal data because they don’t want to share all about themselves. Some people who have little idea about personal data they write it at the end of Resume and CV before writing heir references.

People who do not have any idea about personal data they include it at the beginning. Mostly people avoid adding personal data because it is after employment requirement. Some people may not know what is personal data or personal information? Some people may want to know what can be included in personal data. So guys for your information L would like to explain.

Personal data is not important part of resume it can only be added when some space left in one page resume to fill that space. Personal data includes extra information about you. It can contain name of your father, your nationality, country of your residence, city of your residence, your national identity card number, your driving license number, your national tax number, your domicile, and all other information that belongs to yourself like your marital status, children, date of birth, place of birth etc.

You should keep in mind that you should write personal if required or if you found empty space in your single page resume. You have to determine that how much information you want to share and how much information you can share.