What is Resume?

Resume is a summary of qualifications, job experience, extra curriculum activities, achievements, and intended career path. This summary (Resume) is presented to inform employer about candidate’s capabilities. One’s resume make good or bad impression on employer or hiring person. Employer/Hiring person’s decision to call a candidate for an interview is highly influenced by one’s resume.

Before writing a resume one should know the essentials of resume and appropriate format according to one’s knowledge, abilities and skills. Knowing is not enough writing every essential in proper way is also important. Writing every single thing in resume has its own pattern. One should need to know these patterns.

Contents of Resume

A resume has several contents such as opening section, education, work experience, achievements, awards, service activities, personal data and references.

Mostly a resume contains six main contents some of them can be optional.

  • Opening Section
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Achievements, Awards, Service Activities
  • Personal Data
  • References

Opening Section

Opening section is the very first content that contains most important information about the writer. There are three contents under opening section.

  • Heading
  • Job Objective or Career Goals
  • Personality Train, Strengths and Skills


You can include your personal information in heading like where your potential employer can contact you. Normally heading contains the name of candidate, address, telephone number, mobile number, email address etc.

Job Objective/Career Goal

Job/career objective/goal depends on one’s abilities, self assessment, and analysis of job market. Mostly one line objective is preferred. There can be two types of objective/goal general or specific these two depends on one’s functional area of interest.

Personality Traits

It is an optional part of resume that can be included in skilled base resume. Personality traits/strengths and skills are one’s personal assessment. Reader wants to know your abilities and you can describe them in single sentence or word each.


Education is the second or third section of resume most important for both skilled based and traditional resume, but more focused in skilled based resume. Education includes degree of certificates earned, dates attended, school name, location and grades (if high otherwise omit it). It is recommended for you to use abbreviations for your degrees. If you have extra courses then you can include if these are relevant to your degree or job but do no insert unnecessary certificates or information. You can also mention note honors and scholarships.

Work Experience

Work experience can be second or third section of the resume depends on what type of resume you are making skilled base or chronological. Mostly employer wants an experienced employee so employers focus on experience. In experience section write the name of organizations in which you have worked, their locations, employment period, your title, position, and department. Use verbs to explain your accomplishments in single sentence for each job.

Achievements, Awards, Service Activities

It is strongly recommended to you complete your resume in one page. Some time resume limits to only half page. Then you can add this section on empty space. If you received any reward in your work experience or completing the educational degree then you can mention it but be prescribed.

Personal Data

If you found empty space in your one page resume then you can put some additional information about you such as personal data. It is not necessary to include just filling extra space but you cannot include any irrelevant information.


Some time employer wants to evaluate his/her employees positively and he/she may ask for references of the people who know you well. It is strongly recommended for you not to choose your relatives as references. Always choose individuals i-e, your professors, teachers, colleagues, business friends, and former supervisors. You should also limit your references to three. It is also important that you take permission from references and take complete information where they can be available via phone, fax, letter or email.

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