Tips for Good Page Selection

For effective Resume/CV always try to use A4 (8 1/2 “ by 14” inches) page size with 1” inch margin all around. Avoid backgrounds in Resume and CV.

Tips for Good Text Selection

You can use Time New Roman but Arial and Calibri are better option for an effective Resume/CV. Font size should be between 11 to 12 and for heading up to 16 only. Always use black color for your text instead of contrast colors like blue, red, or green. You can use maximum two types of fonts and you should try to limit it to one type only. All of the text in resume/CV should not have hyperlinks.

Tips for Good Resume Contents


Create a simple but visible heading. The heading’s font size should be between 14 to 16 only. In heading make sure one thing that your name should be prominent all other information like address, email, phone number, fax number, cell phone number should be in normal font size between 11 to 12.

Job Objective/Career Goal

While writing job objective/career goal be specific, realistic action oriented. Limit you career goal/job objectives one to two phrases only.

Personality Traits/Personal Skills

Mention your personality traits in Skills Base or Combine Resume and always include your personality traits/ skills/personal strengths related to the job you are applying for. Limit your skills two to ten.

Employment History

Employment History/Work Experience is a vital part of your Resume/CV. Always explain your new potential employer about your work experience in which organization and on what post. Also mention your achievements and your work. List your recent job first then the job before recent, means list your job experience from recent to job to your first job.

Educational Background or Educational History

List your recent degree/diploma first then previous ones. Always use abbreviations for your degrees and diplomas. Don’t forget to mention the year in which you have complete or gained the degree. If you have high grades i-e. A/A+ then mention them in your Resume/CV otherwise omit them because they may make bad impression to your potential employer. Always mention the names of institutions in which you have been studying.

Other Diplomas

Sometimes most of diplomas support your degrees or your work experience. If you have any then write then in this section.

Write your diploma name in abbreviation then write the year, duration and institute.

Personal Data

Personal data is not an necessary part of your Resume/CV. It should be written if you left some space in your one page or two page resume. In this section you can mention name of your father, your home city/country, if you are applying outside the country. You can mention religion your nationality, your domicile, your Country’s National Identification Card no etc.


Most of people confused about references they think that references contains information about those people who will make an approach for the job you are applying. But only few people know the reality. References are those people who know your work/job history very well and they can explain your potential employer about your work experience. So, choose your references wisely and limit them to two. Never choose your relatives or family members as your references. Always choose your teacher, colleagues, and supervisors as your references. Before writing their names ask for their permission to use them as your references. Mention their name, designation, address (where they are available), way of communication, contact, if your reference has any vocational address, phone number then you should also mention it.