What is Job Objective/Career Goal

You will find many resumes with job objective or career goals. Many people understand it many don’t understand. First of all I would like to tell you the deference between job and career as well as objective and goal. As you already know that job is your one time employment but career includes your all employments. In management there are five things vision, mission, goal, objectives, and tasks. To dream we make a vision to follow that dream we set a mission and to achieve that mission we create certain goals, to achieve each goal we set certain objectives. To achieve these objectives we complete certain tasks.

Job/career objective/goal depends on one’s abilities, self assessment, and analysis of job market. Mostly one line objective is preferred it means an objective should be written in small paragraph but one line objective is more preferable.

Writing good Job Objective/ Career Goal

Writing job objective and career goal is very simple, all you need to know your job and what you want to do achieve in your life. If your achievement is small and near future then it will be your job objective and if your achievement is bigger and in far future then it will be your career goal. It is better to listen to your heart what you want at the end.

There can be two types of objective/goal general or specific these two depends on one’s functional area of interest.

Resume Job Objective Examples

An objective depends on your functional area of interest and it can be general i-e, “Seeking a position in well reputed organization.” Or it can be specific.

i-e, “Seeking a position of brand manager in a multinational organization.”

The difference between Job Objective and Career Goal

There is different between objective and goal. Goal is bigger form objective is smaller. To complete the goal people/managers set small objectives in other words objectives are small goals.Pursuing career as accounts manager in a stable organization where I can deliver my research, analytical, and presentation skills to benefit the organization in volume, growth, and profit.Searching for a position of financial analyst in a leading organization where I can continue my research in financial field by obtaining the Chief Financial Accountant designation.