What is E-Mail?

Email, E-mail, electronic mail is a new digital form of messages and letters from one person to another. An email can be use for sending business letters, messages or internal office memorandum messages in other words Email can be useful for sending messages within organization and outside.

All is your need to have computer, email account and an internet connection, you message will be received within seconds even so far away. In this article I will elaborate how an email covers business letter and office memo contents with each heading of all.

Contents of E-Mail

The email consists of two major parts;

  • Header
  • Body


A header contains too many contents of a business letter and office memo .If we talk about heading or senders address then we should know it is not needed to write anywhere in email because it is automated generating content that email server will generate automatically .The next content is date which will also automatically be generated.

Know if we talk about inside address then it should be written in bar where “To” is written it means where and to whom you will like to send message.

If you already add a receiver’s details in your contacts then you will need to write only name of person the whole information will be written automatically.

The next thing under our discussion is subject line. As business letters and office memo email also use subject line and it take place into header .The reader of message can see subject line in his/her inbox when he choose to open a message.

In business letter when a writer want to send letter to more than one person then he/she use copy notation. But in email if writer want to send an email to more than one person then he/she will write receiver’s address in CC or BCC.Cc is stand for Carbon Copy used when want to show the list of receiver to all receivers. If writer keep other receivers identity confidential from other receivers then writer will use BCC (Blind Carbon Copy).

Body of Email:

Body of the email is the second most important content that contains important data. A body of email mostly contains three content depend on country’s culture; Salutation, Message Body, Complimentary Close and Signature Area.

In most countries salutation not used but its start with “Hi” but some countries use salutation. Body comes after salutation two to three times below. Body contains main message of sender as of business letter.


The salutation should be placed one line below to inside address and two times above the body message.

Message Body

Message Body is the main component of an email business/cover letter or office memo mail that contains main message of the sender. Message Body should be placed two lines below the salutation.

Complimentary Close

Complimentary close is place under the message body at mostly middle left margin. In different countries complimentary close is written differently so find out your culture.

Signature Area

Signature area may contain writer’s name, designation, department, and company’s name.