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Sample Office Memo/Memorandum

Sample Office Memo: Arraignment for staff training

Dear Sir/Madam,

Accounts department has hired new employees in order to increase workforce. Mostly new recruits required about the computer application that holds our organization’s accounting information. Senior employees also need training of motivation and managerial skills.Continue

Sample Office Memo: Staff training planned

Dear Sir/Madam,

Human Resource Department has planned and made arrangements for staff training. The training program will be completed in three modules. First module will cover training sessions for computer application for new recruits, second module will cover motivation training for employees of accounts department, and the third and last module will cover managerial training for senior employees.Continue

Sample Office Memo: Hire new staff required

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sales department wants to cover new market area /territory which will require new team of professionals. We request to Human Resource Department that we need an area/territory manager, one assistant area/territory manager, and we also need seven sales executives in order to fulfill our demands.Continue

Sample Office Memo: Factory Audit


Dear Sir/Madam,

It is about to inform you that internal audit department has found differences in accounts. We found no difference in our books now auditors will examine the physical stock of raw material by the end of this week. You are required to make everything available till audit day.Continue

Sample Office Memo: Required new offices

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sales department is hiring new employees in coming month so they will need new offices to work in. you are required to make arrangement of seven cabinet offices for sales executive, one small room office for assistant area/territory manager.Continue

Sample Office Memo: Discrepancies in raw material


Dear Sir/Madam,

The Internal Audit Department has noted significant discrepancies in Raw Material consumption for the month of May 20xx. These are as follows:

The difference exists in the opening stock of Giza Cotton & Uzbekistan cotton.Continue

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