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Free Sample Application Letters

Sample Application Letter: Request for Activation of Account

I Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx is maintaining the above bank account with you. The said bank account has not been operated by me for a long time now. I understand that due to not operating said account, the Bank has classified the said account as “inactive”.Continue

Sample Application Letter: check deposited into wrong account

I have deposited check no. xxxxxxx amount 5000$ from xxxx xxxxx & Co. with deposit slip no. xxxxxxxx on 31-11-2010 on Tuesday in account no. xxxxxxxxx instead of xxxxxxxxxxxx. It is requested to you please deposit my check no. xxxxxxx in my account no. xxxxxxxxxx Account Titled with xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx.Continue

Sample Application Letter:Encashment due to Paralysis attack on right side

I xyz s/o abc late registration/account No. xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx have deposit cash in your centre. On July 4, 2011, I had suffered from paralysis attack on my right side. Due to that I cannot sign on any document. I am enclosing my attested medical certificate, copy of ID card, photograph and my left thumb impression.Continue

Sample Application Letter: Cancellation of fine

Subject: Cancellation of fine

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would respect you that I have been fined 100 bucks. I could not attend my classes for one and half week due to illness. I am extremely sorry that I could not apply for sick leave much earlier. I was alone with my mother at home and my father was on official tour. He has just returned yesterday.

I would request you to kindly remit my fine.Continue

Sample Application Letter: Request for week’s leave to visit my uncle

Subject: Request for week’s leave to visit my uncle

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would request you to grant me a week’s leave as of tomorrow due to following reasons.

I received a telegram yesterday from my uncle who lives in a distant city. He informed me about his health that he is seriously ill by these days.Continue

Sample Application Letter: Fee concession

With due respect I apply for full fee concession and submit the following facts:

I am student of XIII Class/Grade (Engineering). I got admitted to college on merit.

I am progressing well in my studies. I attend my classes punctually and do my homework regularly. All my teachers are satisfied with me. Some of them have written letters of recommendation for me are attached along with this application.Continue

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