Professional Inter Office Memo/Memorandum's Format

Inter Office Memo or Memorandum Format

If you are confused about inter office memorandum’s format then you should keep in mind that you can use two types of formats as per your need. If you are sending inter office memorandum to your own organization’s distant office and you are using mail or not then you have an option to use business letter format. But if you want to use inter office memorandum within your own office then you should use its own format. If you don’t know anything about then you should know it is an easy task not a big deal. All you need to know four things that are as follow:

  • Heading
  • Subject Line
  • Message Body
  • Signature


The heading of a memorandum tells the reader from whom this memo has been sent and on what dat.

Subject Line

By using subject line reader can easily understand and makeup t=his/her mind. This will help readers to know importance and relevance of the message.

Message Body

Message body is the main element of inter office memorandum. It contains main and full message sent by the writer.


Signature of sender makes readers confident that they are reading message from an authenticated source.

For your convenience I have developed two types of inter office memorandum formats. One can be use as notice for employees, in which employees write their names and sign to ensure that they have received, understand, and accept the message by all means and the other can be use as general message purpose or office circular. You can free download, use and print them easily.

Sample Inter Office Memorandum Formats

Inter Office Memorandum Formatdownload office memo format
Inter Office Memorandum Formatdownload office memo format
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