Interview Conducting Techniques

Conducting interview might be a complex task. You can conduct planned interviews or unplanned. The unplanned interviews can be include walk in interviews that might be a headache if you have too many candidates at a same time so better thing is you should conduct planned interviews. For a planned interview you need to do some home work.

Objective of an Interview

The very first task is for you o set an objective for interview. What kind of employee you need to perform the job and what extra task he/she can perform.

Screening according to Job Description and Specifications

Your second task is screening of candidate according to job description for the job you are offering and select most suitable candidates with required job specifications.

By this way you will limited your candidates according to your need.

Time Management and Allotment

After screening you will be able to manage your time. Manage your time by allocating same length of time to each candidate.

Prepare your panel

If you have decided to interview alone then its fine but if you decide for an panel interview then select professionals who knows your organization and knows much about the job you are offering.

Interviewing Venue

You need to decide favorable venue for both panel and candidates. Make comfortable seating arraignments to make them relax. Choose your venue like that you can easily observe candidates body language.

Interview calls

It is the most important task for you to call candidates for an interview according to their time allocated. Tell them accurate time and venue for their interview.


Make flexible arraignments of reception by providing all necessary information to the receptionist that candidate can easily communicate with them.

Intimating the candidate

It is your duty to intimate your candidates about your organization, job you are offering, interview timings, venue, and about panel. This will help you and your candidates for quality interview. If your candidate knows you and your organization then he/she can candidate explain his/herself easily.

Structural interviewing

Always plan your interview according structural base for quality and appropriate judgments. Make properly plan for your questions to be asked from candidates. Allocate time for each question. Do not ask irrelevant questions that do not help you evaluation of candidates. You can divide interview into three sections the first section will cover the introduction of candidate and the panel, the second section will cover the qualification and experience of candidates by asking evidence and related questions. The final and third section will be given opportunity to candidates for asking any questions about job/organization etc.

Question types

The quality of interview depends on the weight of questions. You can plan different type of questions for the assessment of the candidates.

Open and close ended

Open ended questions refer to those that have no limited answer of specific answer.


How do you handle stress in your routine work?

In the other hand close ended questions have limited or specific answer.


Do you know conflict management?


Situational questions can be asked to assess the competency of candidate


How was your relationship with you supervisor in this job?