What is heading in CV and Resume?

Heading is an important content of opening section of resume that contains information about you (the candidate) for employer/hiring person/interviewer.

Heading enlightens where employer/hiring person/interviewer can contact you, what is your name, where you from, and how to contact you. Knowing is not enough implementing is main act.

How to write effectively heading in CV and Resume?

Writing information in heading is important. Write your name with clear and in big font so it looks prominent. Write your present address and vocational address completely with clear font type. You also have to add your cell number, your residential, telephone number, and your email address.

Fresh students who apply for the first time or have less experience can add their recent photograph but in most of the countries people does not add photographs.

Heading’s Layout

You can choose various heading layouts that can gave your resume a unique look but always keep in mind whatever layout you choose it should be clear and visible so that reader immediately recognize your name, where to contact you (your address present and vocational ) your telephone number, your mobile number, fax number, and email address. Your complete contact details will provide advantage to both you and your employer.