What is Office Memo or Memorandum?

Memorandum/Memo is a medium use to convey messages inside the organization. These messages convey to people or departments both vertically and horizontally.

Memorandum/memo is bit different from the business letter because it uses different stationary, have different parts, layout, and even the envelops are different. Office memorandum/memo usually used for conveying messages, submitting/requesting reports, and also for other purposes. Mostly office memos contain short messages for the staff members to act or response on some organizational policies.

How to write office memo?

Usually manager use electronic mails or emails to convey their daily, weekly, monthly, or occasionally messages. It is up to end person whether he/she take print or not. Sometimes managers use printed form to circulate in departments.

Contents of Office Memo/Memorandum

No special stationery is required for office memo. It can be printed on any single paper which in available. Some good letters office memorandum also has its own standards and characteristics that are as followed:

  • Heading
  • Subject Line
  • Memorandum Body


Heading of a memorandum may contains; to, from, and date. It depends on organizational practice how they use it. The sender may use courtesy little according to need.

Subject Line

Subject line provides advance information about the messages. Subject line must clear the message of memorandum/memo. Most of executive do not have free time to read complete message. Subject line helps executives for the determining of importance of these messages. Due to subject line managers can prioritize their messages and separate the important ones.

Memorandum Body

Body is the main part of a memorandum that contains the complete message as of business letters. Mostly short message memorandum typed double space messages but long messages typed in paragraphs. The main advantage of a memorandum is managers communicate with each other and staff as evidence which they might save seconds.

Envelops and Emails for Memorandum/Memo

The level of technology in a organization and distance between departments decides whether to use email or send printed copy using envelops through mail. Some organizations may have departments in different cities and do not use emails they will send their memorandum/memo through post their memorandum using envelops. Some of the organization may have their departments in different cities but use high level technology they will use email to send their messages to other departments.