How long a resume should be?

Size of resume depends on quality of content. If you are educated and experienced person then quality and relevance of content will be considered. If you are a fresh student then you will need enough information to fill just one page only.

Can I include my GPA/Grades?

You can include your GPA/Grade only if they are high otherwise it will make bad impact. If you have gained B, A, or A+ grades then you can include your grades.

Can I include my part time experience?

If you have irrelevant experience then you can add it on one condition only if you left some space I your resume. Your relevant experience will always give you plus points in resume.

Should I include my computer and language skills?

If you have command over your skills then you should include your computer and language skills.

What type of resume format should I adopt?

The most simple without graphical properties but well formatted resume should be adopted.

Can I use same resume for all type of jobs and levels?

Not at all you cannot use same resume for different jobs and not even for different levels of same department. Always make resume according to your job or level with maximum relevance of content.

Should I include reference?

It is not necessary because references are required at interview stage. If you think there is some space left then you can add.

How can I create resume from scratch?

You can make an effective resume by understanding content. helps you in all contents of resume with facts and examples.

How should I format name in resume?

You name should be visible in resume with big font size and bold.

Can I use abbreviation?

You should use abbreviation for your degrees and departments in which you have worked

Is it necessary to always submit cover letter along with resume?

It not necessary but it makes good impression if you always submit cover letter to resume.

Which is the most preferable cover letter format?

Every single letter format can be used for cover letter without any doubt but left justified text is mostly used for cover letter.

Should I follow up the same employer and if then how many times?

Follow up can be complicated due to your curiosity and passion for a specific post and you have to reveal it without irritating employer. You should follow up to one only.