Mostly people do not use their education effecting because they do not know to write education in resume. Some people use paragraphs to explain what they have done, some use name of degree and passing year. But most appropriate method is that you should include your degree (in abbreviation), name of the institution in which you have study, passing year, or degree period (starting year to ending year), and your grades (if you have achieved high grades). If you choose skill base resume then don’t forget to mention what kind of skills you have gained from your studies. If you choose chronological resume then you can include you education in a table or in short paragraphs.

Education is the most important content of resume that your employer/hiring person wants to know. In skilled base resume the education’s number is second but in chronological resume it can be at third number or according to some one’s country’s culture. One’s education decides how much a person can be promoted in his/her career. Higher education will definitely give higher chances of career development.

Some organizations want special skills that only can be gained from training which is given by organization. When organizations are providing training to the employees it means they are investing money, time, and may be man power so that organizations will take benefits from employees for a long time. Education decides your future career growth prediction.

Writing education in resume is simple and according to proper format. Education includes degree and certificates that you gain in academic session with correct dates attended school/college/university name, location and grades (if your grades are not so high or good then you should not mention your grades in resume these will make bad impact). Always use abbreviations for your degrees in a good resume.

DegreeSchool & LocationYearGrades

Bachelor of Business Administration San Francisco State University 2009 B+

This pattern might pay you something but it is not appropriate format. Use the following appropriate format or if you are good in explanation then use the second one .

Effective education writing first method example

Degree Grades Year Institution Subject/Specialization

M.B.A 3.6 2009 San Francisco State University Marketing

B.B.A 3.5 2005 San Francisco State University Marketing

A-Level A 2001 St. Peter Cathedral School Science

O-Level B+ 1999 St. Peter Cathedral School Science

The second approperiate method is just explain what you have done in your past.

Effective education writing second method example


I have gained four year program degree of Master in Business Administration from San Francisco State University comprising specialty in Marketing Subjects. I have learned and practice in real time environment branding, marketing channels, marketing mix, advertising, and consumer behavior as my lead subjects. I achieved 3.6 CGPA out of 4.


I have attained four year program degree of Bachelor in Business Administration also from San Francisco State University

comprising specialty in Marketing Management. In this degree I have groom my management and marketing skills with basic learning of the concepts. I also received performance awards and attained CGPA of 3.5 out of 4.


My A-Level degree gained from St. Peter Cathedral School comprising science subjects. I have learned and master communication skills, personality development, and computer skills that can help me in my career. I have scored A grade in my over all subjects.


My O-Level degree gained also from St. Peter Cathedral School comprising science subjects. It has proved a basic building block to my career in which I have excelled my learning and experimental skills. I have scored B+ grade in my over all subjects.

The above formats can be use in resume and CVs. The first format is useful in one page resume but the second format can be use in two page or long resume and CVs.

There are two things that you can do in resume whether to tell yourself or sell yourself for a good price in response to your employer. The first method will might help you a little for your good resume, the second method is about to just adding more point in telling yourself, but the third method separates your from other candidates in which it seems you are selling yourself to your employer. Always write your resume in good wording make your sentences mature and effective for a better opportunity of an interview call.