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Give my resume intends to provide opportunity for advertisement by offering lowest rates as possible. Following are the rate per month for each ad space.

  • 300 X 250 = $100/month for all pages
  • 300 X 280 = $100/month for all pages
  • 300 X 600 = $100/month for all pages
  • 160 X 600 = $100/month for all pages
  • 728 X 90 = $100/month for all pages
  • 200 X 200 = $75/month for all pages
  • 120 X 600 = $75/month for all pages
  • Give my Resume has reserved rights to change its advertisements policy but it will be implemented in new month. Illegal, pornography, fake ads etc are strictly prohibited on this site because it family safe site. If give my resume decides to change advertisement rates then it will also be implement in new months or after contract expiration.Note: Advertising depends on availability of space only.

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