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Many people will like to know about me and my experience about this field. I’ll be glad to introduce myself. I am Farhaan Sikandar qualified professional in Master of Business Administration (MBA) in two fields at the same time Human resource Management (HRM) and Marketing Management. My graduate degree and intermediate degree completed in commerce field Intermediate in Commerce (I.Com) and Bachelor in Commerce B.Com. I have worked in several departments like Accounts, Audit, Human Resource, Administration and Marketing compiling ten years experience as a whole.

I have gone through various documents that are need of every day.I do not publish any company’s/organization’s documents. All the documents are created by me and relevant according to your needs. All of documents are created up-to the marks and helpful for those people who cannot create documents by their self.

As per designing website it is my part time work because I have also qualified graphics designer have command over applications like Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw.

Now the question is why I made a website that help people for the low cost as free. From the days of my educational period my friends and friends of friends always came to me and ask me for my help in their different routine work. I always helped them now I have helped hundreds of people just for no cost. In 2013 I decided to help even those people who cannot direct approach to me then I found a way to help them by a website. From that date many visitors have downloaded free stuff and facilitate their work through By helping people whether I know them or don’t know them it makes me happy. So I would like to request you please refer to people who need.

My full profile is hidden for this site to avoid spam but you can find me easily on social media site. Thanks for reading and using

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