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Give my Resume is providing resume writing techniques covering all of its aspects and facilitating professionals with high quality and variety of resume templates of all kind that helps them attaining a responsible job post. Free resume templates facilitate professionals if they don’t know how to start and where to write what data that suits for their job. Give my resume tells its visitors what they need to know before start writing an effective resume.

Give my resume covers each topic separately and thoroughly in which professionals can learn an effective way to use Heading, Job Objective/Career Goal, Work Experience, Education History, Awards, Achievements, Interest, Hobbies, Activities, Personal Data, and References. Cover letter a supplement of resume is also under consideration which includes cover letter writing techniques with examples and samples. Professionals can modify these cover letter samples according to their need as well. Business Letter, Inter Office Memorandum/Memo are basic requirements of any job. Give my resume contains articles relating to Business Letter writing as well as Inter Office Memorandum/Memo writing. It also contains printable samples that can help professionals in their routine job.

Give my Resume is based on experience, skills, knowledge, and abilities which has an aim to provide its visitors quality documents. Give my Resume is helpful for those who have lack of knowledge or who want to save their time in their routine office life or experienced. Give my Resume provides presentable templates of resumes with tips and examples of each head separately. It also provides supplement document to resume that are required at the time of applying for a job; these supplements include job application, cover letter to resume, and email cover letters.

In the other hand Give my Resume also provides documents that help professionals in their daily office routine. To help professionals Give my Resume provides business letters, email letters, letterheads, office memo, application, admission forms, job application forms, worksheets for nonprofessionals. All of documents are designed and created by the creator of Give my Resume none of these documents is taken from any other copy write materials. In future Give my Resume has mission to provide variety of custom made documents to satisfy its visitors needs because I believe in continues learning and improvement in my work this will help me to increase and retain my visitors.

Many people will like to know about me and my experience about this field. I’ll be glad to introduce myself. I am Farhaan Sikandar qualified professional in Master of Business Administration (MBA) in two fields at the same time Human resource Management (HRM) and Marketing Management. My graduate degree and intermediate degree completed in commerce field Intermediate in Commerce (I.Com) and Bachelor in Commerce B.Com. I have worked in several departments like Accounts, Audit, Human Resource, Administration and Marketing compiling ten years experience as a whole.

I have gone through various documents that are need of every day.I do not publish any company’s/organization’s documents. All the documents are created by me and relevant according to your needs. All of documents are created up-to the marks and helpful for those people who cannot create documents by their self.

As per designing website it is my part time work because I have also qualified graphics designer have command over applications like Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw.

What people want to hear from me.

Give my Resume is serving free since 2013. Now it has adopted a more efficient and professional way make its visitors. Now more content is accessible and usable without bearing any cost.


It is my core duty to provide free regular content to people who need help in there career life. In future I will try my best to provide more content and online training to help people develop the world.

Farhaan Sikandar - C.E.O

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